Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Maurder Wolf Boys MM32/4

 Hi all,

Here we are back with the next blister of Marauder wolf boys. 

If you stare at the Marauder MM32/34 Wolf Boys long enough...and the way that they are divided up into blister packs you start to see that there is some level of reasoning behind at least some of the packs.  This pack, MM32-4, is one of those "theme" packs...this one is full of Goblins who feel that "less-is-more" in the armor department...preferring to ride into combat with only a snazzy helmet on...or a bad ass fur vest!  What they lack in protective equipment they make up for in character and enthusiasm!

Here they are!

Here is the catalog pic for comparison

Here are a couple more Group pics...

I really like all three of these figures.  They all have bags of character and that certainly sneaky feeling about them that all goblins should share. 

The center archer is mounted on a wolf sculpted by John Pickford and that will be released from Old School Miniatures in the near future (thanks Jamie!).  The bloke on the right with the bad ass vest is mounted on one of the wolves that came with the Goblin Chariot from Marauder...I managed to find a few spare ones over the years and will incorporate a few into the ranks of my marauder wolf boys to help break up the wolf monotony.  

Here is a shot of each "in the wild"!

Well that's all for today folks! see you again soon!




  1. badass, dude. i like that you’re giving each of these unique figures the paint job and attention they deserve

  2. I really like the painting job on the middle wolf. And that's great news reading that new wolf miniatures are being released.

  3. Really awesome work as ever Bud.