Friday, September 11, 2020

Marauder Wolf Boys MM32/2

 Hi all,

Another week another Blister pack of Marauder Goblin Wolf Boys!

Today we will be looking at one of my favorite packs from this range MM32/2.  Most of these blister packs have at least one figure that I like less than the others...but in this case I really like all three of these sneaky lil gitz.This is a solid pack all around. 

Here they are as a group...

And here is the catalog drawings for comparison

...A couple more group shots

And here are a few individual shots on the table....

See you all next week with another post full of Wolfie goodness.




  1. You've always been a good painter, I enjoyed seeing your stuff at the first OINW event so much! But these are just wonderful, and your painting continues to improve! Love em, hope someday we can face off and I can see em on the field! Cant wait to see more!-Blake

  2. Terrific! Excited to see the whole horde finished!

  3. The furs colors are perfect... Bravo Blue :)