Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bood Wargames Pony Mounted Dwarf

Hi all,

Another Quick post of some of my recent painting efforts.

I've been threatening to paint of the Bood Wargames mounted dwarfs for quite a while now...and I finally pulled it off.

If you are not familiar with the Bood Wargames dwarfs you are in for a treat!  They are great Dwarf sculpts by John Pickford in the late medieval style...very similiar to the classic Perry Brother sculpts that were done for Citadel in the Late 80's.  You may recall a recently posted unit that was a mix of Imperial dwarfs and Bood Dwarfs.

Today's offering is were Bood went above and beyond creating more Imperial also adding Pony mounted dwarfs to his range.  I chosen to produce a bog-standard trooper for my first one.  Future efforts will include a few more of the add-on bits that are availble with these sculpts to give them a bit more personality but I thought this was a great place to start.

You will notice the continued use of a some what muted Pallet on this the infantry unit I completed earlier, when it is completed, this unit will deploy with my Bretonnian army and therefore shres some of the same colors as those units.  In this case White and "Salmon."

The shield these guys come with is very nice as well.... he is:

The next ones will be spear armed...this guy may become the leader of the unit.  I haven't decided yet.

Anyway...thats all for now.  I've got an RT game to get ready for tomorrow!



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  1. I like how you've painted this guy. For some reason I still can't get behind the idea of Dwarven cavalry, but i like this interpretation better than bear riders.