Friday, March 11, 2016

Bretonnian Organ Action!

Hello all,

Long time no see!

Well...I've finally had a stretch of painting time and will have a number of things to share with you over the coming week or so.  Last night I had the majority of the evening to myself as my lovely wife was dealing with the nibblers and various appointments.  So I gathered my newly painted minis together and started to set up my "photo studio."  My intention was to take my usual "documentary" images on blue gradient...but as often happens when I disappear into my hobby...I got distracted and ended up setting up a whole little scene and spent my evening happily taking pictures.  

The documentation pictures will just have to wait a bit...

My urge to actually make a more interesting scene probably stems from my lack of participation in the Lead Adventure League over on the LAF.  Long time readers will recall that this painting event used to be a major part of my hobby calendar every year.  I have now missed the last two iterations of the contest and the urge to take some creative pictures of my figures is getting to be irresistible.  

So here are some fun images of my newly completed 3rd ed Bretonnian organ gun and crew...well supported by some of my existing Bret army (5th ed models) they attempt to fight off a attack by a roaming warband of orcs and Goblins.

I'll start with some longer range shots to give you a feel for the whole set-up an then focus in on some of the more detailed photos that you can achieve with a rough set up like this.

Overview shot of set up...(click through for larger images)

View from behind the Orc lines

View of Bret right Flank

View of Bret left flank...the wolfs are circling!!

Inspiring the troops!

The Orc boys push up the center...I think this is going to end badly for them...

So I still don't have clean photos of the organ gun and crew...but I had a lot of fun with this.

...the older I get and the more I spend time in this hobby...with all of its annoyances and "politics"...the more I try to focus on the fact that...for me...its all about playing with toy soldiers.

...nothing else really matters...




  1. Nothing but toy soldiers but damn good looking ones !

  2. You're my boy BLOOOOOO, give them a whiff of grapeshot!

  3. Excellent shots blue. Something I aspire to.

  4. Those look fantastic Blue. Just great.

  5. Very cool! I was hoping for a shot of a bunch of downed orcs at the end. :)

  6. Hmmm. It's only a matter of time until you start playing with yourself ...

    But if you must play with yourself, those are definitely the figures you want to use to do it :D - well done!

  7. Excellent setup and great paint job on all the models!

  8. The banners on the Brets are my fave.

  9. I'm living vicariously through your outstanding paint jobs. If only the paint jobs on the 80s/90s originals were as good. It's like going back in time and seeing things in HD. Your work is top notch.

  10. Great shots Blue - definitely looks like fun was the order of the day!

  11. Great photos. For whatever reason, the shirtless guy makes me chuckle. He's reminds me of the Manly Man meme guy...