Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Chaos Boba Fett! My first Painted Chaos Renegade

Hi all!

Just a quick post to day to share my first ever painted Chaos Renegade.  Honestly I've been somewhat intimidated by these fantastic figures.  There is so much going on with each figure and so many options for color choices that I have been paralyzed by indecision.  

That all changed the other day when I was cataloging my Renegade collection and I noticed that one of the Heavy Weapon troopers had a helmet that was very similar in shape to Boba Fett's ...everyone's favorite Bounty Hunter from Star Wars.  


A few minutes of Google Image searching later and I had some decent reference pics to work from.

Luckily the Renegade miniature had already be primed in the past so I was able to jump right into painting him.  Many of you may have seen the various WIP pics that I posted up in various places on the Interwebs...here you will find the final pics.

Glamour Shot...

I'm quite please with how the color scheme worked out on this figure...the armor isn't an exact copy of Fett's so some adaptation was required but over all I think the inspiration shines through...

..even though this one has an extra tentacle arm and a GIANT dragon faced missile launcher!

My only complaint about painting this figure centers on the plastic backpack....ugh...the detail on these is quite soft and challenging to figure out exactly what it is supposed to look like.  I have a number of metal RT backpacks for some of my other renegades...but I may resort to some more modern chaos marine backpacks for the others....it was that annoying to me...

Anyway...while I had the lights out I also threw together a small set up with my Battle System Terrain and snapped a few "action" shots.  I took these with my iPhone so the quality is not quite what it would be with my quality camera but I think it does an impressive job none the less.


Solo Shot

Cornered by Imperial Guard!  ....let the fun begin!

I hope to work him into a game soon!




  1. He looks splendid really ! The idea would never have occured to me but makes so much sense.

  2. Absolutely top drawer work mate, and now I'm both sick that I traded mine a while ago, and really, really tempted to get back to my renegades..

  3. I hope your planning a whole squad of these now. He turned out excellent!

  4. Stunning work, great connection between the model and the bounty hunter. I'm getting more and more tempted to start getting some guns and spaceships and delving into Rogue Trader...

  5. He looks great Blue! I'm a real fan of the old Renegade Marines. Saying that, I think I've only got one :)

    I can't wait to see the rest of your collection when you've finished painting them up. The staged shots are way cool too!

    1. One is great, considering they're scarce and pricey on eBay.

      This is a really clever piece, I think you really nailed the fusion between the two genres. Or something. Anyway it's cool!

  6. Pics with sceneries are so great !! Nice stuffs

  7. Nice work Chris! Hm... Chris? Makes me think of THIS:


    1. WTF... something happened to my browser... Phreedh here. :D

  8. Wow, I certainly didn't see that coming, its amazingly cool!! I love it!

  9. Wow, that is a great looking model, I really like what you have done with him! And you've reminded me I need to assemble and use my Battle Systems stuff!

  10. Bubba! Love it Blue, great job.