Saturday, October 25, 2014

Oldhammer in the NW prep...part 5

Well the big day is finally here, we'll be pushing around little lead man on a table in a few hours!  I got into Baltimore around 730 last night and set up with some of the boys at the drop zone. It was great to finally meet a few of my online chums in person.

When I got back to my hotel room I had a little bit of prep to do myself still ...I managed to complete some movement trays for my army and get the whole thing laid out on the table in the room.

These are iPhone photos so please forgive me for their quality.

And here are a couple quick shots of the table that Rusty made for the big RoC War bands game.

Cheers for now...back with a report on the day's activities later!



  1. Looks great all the hard work paid off. Have a blast!

  2. All your recent efforts have certainly be repaid in full mate. The army looks wonderful! Rusty has done a cracking job on the table too.

  3. Nice work! An excellent looking swarm of beards.

  4. that's one beautiful (and heavy) dwarf army you have loveingly collected and painted, well done