Friday, October 31, 2014

Oldhammer in the New World: Blue's View...Day 2

Sunday found me up and ready to go by 830...despite a running battle with the rabid bacon thieves who were raiding my hotels breakfast bar all morning...ggggrrrr friggin kids!!!

Anyway...I arrived at DropZone shortly after 9am and found things just getting rolling.  About a half a dozen folks were already there...including a much refreshed Blake after a good nights sleep.

After having kind of floated around chatting and what not for day one I was ready to dive right into a game...luckily for me Tom was obliging and we quickly pulled together a moderate sized pick up battle (2k-ish points) that we set up on one end of Rusty's warband table.  Tom brought out his very impressive chaos army and I was finally able to get my dwarfs on table!

So I don't want to spill all the beans on the battle itself as I'm sure there will be future posts in which to tell that story.  Suffice to say that Tom and I had a blast and I was overjoyed to get my lads on the table against such a well painted and led opponent.  There were laughs... there were tears... and the dice gods were fickle at times but ...thats Oldhammer for ya!

I loved every minute of it!

Here are a couple of teaser'll have to wait for the rest.

The storm is about toe break!

I can't tell you how happy I was to set up these figures on this wonderful table!

As I was pretty much enthralled in my own game I didn't get nearly as many photos of the other games going around me as I had on Day 1.  But here are the few I did get...

On the BIG table the siege continued...and though casualties were high the Greenskins still failed to take the fight over the wall....but a lot of fun was had trying!

The river crossing in action!
This is the only shot of our guests that I got...
I'm not sure who this youngling belonged to...but he GOT "it!"
 I know Chris ran another Demo Game on his RT board but I missed nearly all the action...I'm sure the participants will be along to tell us about it in time.

I saw a bunch of folks at the Space Hulk table as well...but missed the action...again..

By the time Tom and I had wrapped up our game folks were starting to talk about the painting competition.  Andy D. had managed to pull together enough entries for both a "individual mini" and a "large mini" category.  Here are some pics of all the entries.  I'll leave the detail shots and the results to others.
Mines there in the middle...very hard to see but I'll get closeups up soon.
For the Large Figure Category I entered my Troll...who looks tiny next to Rustys Dragon!

After getting my entries in I spent some time taking "Glamor shots" of some of my figures and was recruited by other folks to get pic of some of their armies or squads on the wonderful tables around.  Here are some pics of my Alternative Armies figures on Chris's excellent RT table....I'll let the others show of their pics.

You'll notice that I finally finished my Retained Knight Squad..sadly they didn't make it to a game this year.
 Of course I shouldn't leave without mentioning our special guests....sadly as my efforts were focused on taking unit photos and starting to pack up I failed to get many pictures of Phil Gallagher, Graeme Davis, or Dave Taylor.  Sorry about that...I'm sure some others will be posted up.

So that really brought things to a close...there was a last flurry of figure trading and then the handshakes and pats on the back started.  I really had an excellent time and though the figures and games were a highlight the best part was finally meeting so many people in person who share my Oldhammer "problem."

A huge thanks must be given to the very accommodating folks at the DropZone!  They were extremely gracious and generous with both time and space. 

And of course...huge thanks to Blake and all the others who put some much time and effort into making this event such a great success!  Thanks lads!

Now I'm sure I've missed many important tidbits about the weekend...but I'm also sure reports from others will fill in the gaps.

...I'm already thinking about next year!




  1. Not sure what Phil was talking about in that photo - perhaps he was outlining his brilliant strategy for repulsing the Greenskin horde. I don't look too convinced!

    1. haha...I'm Glad I got you guys in at least one shot! Thanks again for really helped to make this a special event.

  2. That's a great little candid shot you got of that kid Blue, you can almost see the imagination centre of his brain overloading from the spectacle. An awesome way to be introduced to wargaming!

    I like that Blue Horror duo riding the disc too, you seldom see that obnoxious dude painted up.

    I'm happy for you that you enjoyed yourself so much Blue.


    1. I thought the very same thing about that kid. I was trying to work out how long it was since he last blinked. If that kind of spectacle won't get him into the hobby I don't know what would!

      Super stuff Blue and thanks as always for sharing. Really looking forward to the next post.

  3. Great stuff Blue, looks like a ton of fun with all those nice minis on nice tables.