Monday, April 28, 2014

LPL Round 5: Sea Peoples Raiding Party

Well...I've managed to make it to the mid point of this years how time flies!  One of the great things about the LPL is that it sometimes forces you to paint outside your comfort zone.  For Round 5 the theme was: Ancients.... as you are well aware I have a mass of lead in my man cave...but it does not contain a single "Ancients" miniature. luck would have it I just concluded an agreement with a kind gentleman from the Oldhammer Forum to paint some figures that fit the bill quite nicely.  LadAsbestos sent me a great group of miniatures to work on and among them were these five Sea Peoples Warriors...I beleive they are from Foundry.  They turned out to be a joy to they are!

Next week it will be back to regular programming.

A Big thanks to LA for supplying these wonderful figures for me to abuse.




  1. Very nice sir. The Sea Peoples seem to be popping up all over the place of late.

  2. Nice work and good to see something a little different.

    Also I've nominated you for a liebster award (probably not the first seeing as they're doing the rounds at the moment). Details on my blog.