Monday, May 5, 2014

LPL Round 6: Orks Attack

Well yet another week has slipped by and another team has stepped into the Arena of the LPL...allowing last weeks warriors to step into the lime light....

...though they are a bunch of Losers!

...sorry to vent...its been a tough LPL....and this round my team went down to defeat...

But here they are to look at anyway!  (...losers! grumble grumble :) )

For round six I opted to start on a squad of enemies for my RT 40k project...and I couldn't resist painting up some of the Orks that have been pouring in through my mailbox of late.  Here they are!

Great figures in general and fun to paint...

...except for the squad leader there...this was a terrible casting and he was a challenge to paint.  Other than him I really like all these figures...full of humorous character.  I went out on a limb with the orange Flak armor ...I really had to think hard to come up with a color that contrasted with the green skin but hadn't also been done to death by other Ork the end I think it look quite good.

In an effort to speed up my Ork skin tone I also eliminated one step from my previous system....and I'm not real happy with the results...they lack some depth in their skin tone when compared with some of my other lesson learned on that.

Anyhoo...this is the first batch of these goal with Orks is to have three squads of troops and a couple of support elements to play with.  I'm acquiring the final pieces for this force as we speak.

Cheers for now!



  1. I actually acquired three of these chaps recently. You've done a wonderful job on them and I find it hard to believe they lost!

  2. As I was reading this Blue I was thinking "they look like they need more highlighting".

    What process did you leave out?

    1. Yeah...Its actually the depth that is lacking from this paint job. I normally base coat then wash with Badab Black (or equivalent) then base color again and highlight up to old school Goblin Green. I attempted these with out the application of the wash and re-basecoat.

      I guess I could try giving them a dilute black wash now to see if it helped...?

      So know I now I either need to back to the old "system" or start with a darker base color....trying to find the balance between "Speed" and "Quality" is difficult...

  3. They got my vote - well done sir and hang on in there!

  4. I personally think the skin looks good and I voted for them.

    these are great figures and I have just started to paint some up myself!

  5. I like these fellows, but I can see what you mean about the skintone. It's 90% there though, and the flak armour looks great. What is it with RT orks lately? Even I've managed to somehow acquire the best part of a squad without really meaning to.

    1. Agreed...RT 40k seems to be in vogue right now...and Orks are always popular in such discussions!