Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dragon Bait Miniatures...a New Indiegogo Campaign with an OldSkool Feel

I just decided to jump onboard the new Indiegogo campaign that Orlygg recently discussed on his blog here...Dragon Bait Miniatures.  I really like the look of the Greens that are now on display...and knowing the Kevin Adams is doing the sculpting allows me to feel confident that the remainder will be just as nice.

My little group of gamers have really been enjoying some low stress dungeon crawling over the last couple of months...but sadly most of the hundreds of figures I already have don't really fit well in a dungeon exploring roll.  They look too much like soldiers!  I think that these will give a much better representation of characters for these types of games.  The concept art and displayed greens show a very oldskool feel that doesn't take itself too seriously....I mean a Halfling Barbarian...with a turkey leg...how can you not love that?!?!

Lets take a look at some of the greens that Kev has produced....

Here is the aforementioned Halfling Barbarian and an excellent looking Cleric.

And here are a few of their other freinds and co-workers...all look fantastic IMO.

I'm quite excited to give these a once over with the hairy wand when they find their way to my castle...



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