Sunday, April 13, 2014

LPL Round 3: Muster Troops Forward!

Time for another update about the ongoing LPL.  Voting for Round 3 has wrapped up and Round 4 is now underway so I can share with you my Round 3 Entry.

I returned to my Muster Troops from Alternative Armies for another team...this time including the Squad Leader and another heavy weapon.  Here is my entry Photo.

The slightly tighter group allowed for a bit more of a close up with these guys. Sadly they didn't fare to well in the contest...I blame this on a number of factors...first, Black is hard to photograph well and I don't think I spent enough time fiddling with my light set up to get the best shot possible.  Secondly, as this is the second team of these muster troops that I have entered I imagine there is a bit of "fatigue" voting for a second team of similar figures.  And Thirdly...and most importantly...I was up against an entry from Uncle Mike that was obviously superior to my own...both in the quality of the painting and the very evocative scene he created for his photo.

Despite their loss I'm still quite happy with these guys and am really excited about deploying them on my new Sci-Fi terrain when it arrives this summer.

Now that both teams have competed its also time for a shot of the whole here you go!

So...thats all for tonight...see you again soon!



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  1. Very nice work! Love the camo scheme. I hope you enjoy using them. Alternative Armies has all of its Ion Age on its own website at: and we are doing a lot with it.