Friday, March 7, 2014

Filler Post #2: LPL Replay and Update

Howdy all,

I wanted to take a quick moment and get a post has been truly nutty for the last month...between ever increasing work obligations, weather issues, my kids bringing home various plagues, and trying to get some teams done for the upcoming LPL I just haven't been setting aside the time to write posts.  But today has given me just enough time to get another filler piece together.

Progress on my first three teams for the current LPL has been good...I'm in the midst of final touches on all three of them, then onto basing and starting on the next two teams.  So far I'm fairly happy with where I'm at.

I thought that I would take this opportunity to post up a few of my entries from previous LPLs for your viewing pleasure.  Long time readers of this blog will have seen these pictures before...but will just have to suffer through...:)

To start with here are a few of my favorite Oldhammer Fantasy entries from years past...

The heavy hitters...LPL 5 Round 9

Orc Boar Riders...LPL 6 Round 3

Norse Dwarfs...LPL6 Round2

One of the things I like about the LPL is that it sometimes forces you to paint outside of your normal are some of the historical teams I have entered over the last 3 contests...

North African Infantry...DAK and 8th Army...LPL5 Round 5

"Remember the Alamo"...figures...LPL 7 Round 5

And finally a couple of the other oddities that I have submitted...

Merchantman Crew....ready to fend off Pirates...LPL 6 Round 10

An Easter Surprise!  LPL 6 Round 7

And a little bit of Star Wars never hurt anybody...LPL 5 Round 10

Thanks for watching my "clip show" post for the day....




  1. Besides the usual excellent painting the base work on the Boar Riders is outstanding!

  2. Good to see these chaps again - lovely stuff Blue.

    Afraid I've been defeated by work, life and all the rest of it and am passing on the LPL this year. Best of luck to you and I shall be looking on and voting each week!

  3. ich have this: