Monday, February 24, 2014

Filler post #1: Chaos Renegade Champion?

Well...I've entered that weird time in my blogging calendar where I'm frantically painting things for the LPL but won't be able to share it until the league is in full swing.  So...what we have today is a first of what I'm sure will be a series of posts on "lighter" subjects.

So...on with the show! :)

As you know I've been slowly assembling a couple of squads of classic Chaos Renegades for my smallish Rogue Trader this end I recently purchadsed a small lot of Renegades from eBay and mixed amongst them was one of Goodwin's Chaos Champion of Nurgle figures.  

The previous owner had attached the "proper" 3rd ed Renegade backpack to the champion with a fairly sloppy blob or green stuff.

Now my initial thought had been to remove his backpack and use it for one of my Renegades that is missing one, clean up the green stuff, and put the champion in my WFB Chaos army....

....but after setting him up with a couple of my other Nurgle Chaos Renegades...

...I think I like him as a Renegade!  I'll clean up the green stuff a bit and use him as a support weapon Marine wielding a heavy bolter.

What do you think?  Does this "conversion" work?




  1. I am fairly certain I have seen this "conversion" already in White Dwarf many moons ago so I say it kosher!

  2. Fits in with his Chaotic brethren perfectly.

  3. I got this champion in 91 and it immediately became a reneagde until I recently stripped him because I was lacking a nurgle warrior. I think both the tech weapon and armour fit for a RT purpose and once painted like the others, I've no doubt he'll look badass.

  4. I think this is the way I normally see him used. Want one myself now.

  5. He's one of my favourite chaos miniatures, and makes a really great renegade IMO.

  6. I've never seen him used that way before - totally works! Good idea, Mr Blue! I want one too, now!

  7. Been on the lookout for this Nurgle Champion since i started painting as it is in my citadel painting guide - yet he somehow always is ellusive with his slippery nurgle ways.

    Can't wait to see this warband assembled and delivering pain


  8. Blue, pardon my posting this again in case you didn't see it because I posted it earlier on an old post, but I’m really enjoying this series – it may inspire me to get my own Crusaders out of the lead pile! Have you seen this blog on camo marines?
    You also said you were doing the bases for a “space hulk” scenario – this might help with painting:
    Well, how are the Retained Knights coming?

    1. Thanks for those links mate...very useful stuff in there.

      The retained knights are waiting patiently for their chance to be painted...I'm knee dip in a squad of Muster troops at the moment but the Retained Knights should be next to get the "treatment!" ...sadly I won't be able to post pictures until after they "compete" in their respective rounds of the LPL...but they are coming!

  9. I've been looking for this guy recently. Does anyone know his catalogue number by any chance or his actual name?