Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Game is Afoot! LPL 8 Announcement...the planning begins!

This last week saw the announcement of the latest iteration of the Lead Painters League over on the Lead Adventure Forum.  The rules this year have been streamlined a bit and the focus seems to be coming back to painting over elaborate scenic set ups...which suits me just fine as I have so little decent scenery against which to photo my figures.  Also the total number of figures to be painted has been slightly reduced....again this suits me well as I'm always so rushed to get teams done.

The three bonus round themes have also been announced. Round 1: Fantasy...that should be fairly easy.  Round 5: Ancients...luckily I just got my hands on some excellent figures for this round.  And Round 10: The War to End All Wars (WWI)... This one I'm a bit stumped on as I have no suitable minis on hand.

So I spent a bit of time mining on lead mountain and came up with a roster of teams that I think will both represent me well in the League and work towards accomplishing some of my other project goals.  Here they all are in their won't see them again until they are finished.

My immediate goals will be to get everything cleaned, based, and ready to prime...I would really like to have everything in ready to paint condition before I get started, this will also give me time to clear the decks of everything else I have been working on in the mean time. is the schedule...things kick off in mid March so it's time bear down and get to work.

Round 1  - Saturday 22nd March
Round 2  - Saturday 22nd March
Round 3  - Saturday 22nd March
Round 4  - Saturday 12th April
Round 5  - Saturday 19th April
Round 6  - Saturday 26th April
Round 7  - Saturday 3rd May
Round 8  - Saturday 10th May
Round 9  - Saturday 17th May
Round 10 - Saturday 24th May

Cheers for now!


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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you produce. The LPL is always very entertaining, if a bit stressful for those participating!