Saturday, January 18, 2014

Space Marine Squads...The Begining

Building upon my last post about the 'Imperial Guard" figures I will be using for 40K gaming I wanted to show you what I have working for my Space Marines.  Like the Muster Troops that I will be using for Imperial Guard, the figures I will be using for my Space Marines are from Alternative Armies Ion Age range.  These Retained Knights make great proxy Space Marines ...they are sculpted by Bob Olley and have a very Rogue Trader "Feel" to them IMO.  Of course they were first released in the early 1990s so they are not too far off the mark from RT itself.

Right now I have enough Retined Knights to form two 10-man squads each with two support weapons.  For the sake of better pictures I will present my force in detachments of 5.

Detachment with Rocket launcher...I'll use the guy with the "pistol" as my squad leader

Detachment centered on a Heavy Bolter
Another Heavy Bolter Detachment (The guy lighting a smoke cracks me up...)
I'm not sure what to say this weapon is proxy for...?  Maybe a Heavy Plasma Gun?
I also have this old Citadel Dreadnought that will support them.

He has been disassembled and striped of course...
The real problem I've been having is in trying to decide how to paint them.  I don't want to feel constrained by traditional "chapter colors"...these will not be Ultra Marines!  I'm leaning toward using something slightly more "realastic"...meaning that their PJs might actually be practical as camouflage.  And since I will be using these guys mostly on terrain that represents a ships or building interior I'm think a dark gray...or possibly blue gray could work....but I do wnat them to look good on the table too...?  If you have any suggestions please feel free to share your ideas.   

In my next post we can start to look at the Chaos Renegades that I have managed to assemble to oppose the Emperor's minions.




  1. Lots of RT projects being started up this year. I shall watch with interest and not a little envy. Ever thought of picking up the 'Laserburn' rules?

  2. Yeah...I'm trying to keep this one manageable in size...this is pretty much it for "good guys" maybe and Ogryn or two and another Dread...but thats it.

    I'm not familiar at all with the laserburn rules...are they available anywhere?

  3. Certainly are Blue,


  4. I might be tempted to go for something resembling ACU universal camo, a nice digital tan/grey combo for shipboard actions maybe..

  5. This looks great - very keen to follow the progress!

  6. Yep - if you're going for a similar feel to Pil's stuff from the last LPL this'll be fantastic!

  7. Hi, I painted mine in Vallejo Luftwaffe Camo Green and they look good. If you add scouts you can do them in a Fallschirmjager splinter patttern.