Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Imperial Guard Platoon...the Beginning

One of the projects that I hope to accomplish this year is to get some painted units together to play Rogue Trader 40K on the Battle Systems Terrain that I recently supported via Kickstarter.  The forces to be employed will consist of a platoon of Imperial Guard and a couple of Squads of Space Marines, on the side of "good" and some Chaos Space Marines and perhaps a few Orks on the side of "bad."

As I can't possibly take on the task of collecting yet more vintage citadel figures at this juncture I plan to use figures from outside the Citadel catalog for the Imperial Guard and Space Marines...figures from Alternative Armies Ion Age range in particular.  This also fits well with a recent challenge put out by Whiskey Priest on his Blog to shows the adaptability of the Oldhammer Movement by painting up and gaming with a unit of non-GW figures.

In this post I would like to share the Imperial Guard proxies that I have been assembling.  For these troops
I will be using some of the Muster Troops from the Ion Age Range.  These guys make great "standard" human troopers and as they are still in production and readily available I was able to assemble the better part of a platoon without needing to duplicate an figures...they are all unique sculpts.  Ive chosen to display these in 1/2 squads each of which is centered around a squad support weapon.  I have assembled four 5-man detachments.  These first two are equipped with las-rifles and supported with a rocket launcher.

The next two detachments a equipped with a heavy flammer and Grenade Launcher respectively.

And finally we have the slightly larger command squad that consists of eight figures

That gives me a total of 28 troops for my "Imperial Guard" force...which seems like a reasonable sized force for the Battle Systems Terrain...particularly if they are supported with a couple of squads of "Space Marine"

...I know that they aren't the classic figures from the citadel range...but it sure was nice to be able to pick out what I wanted and have the entire force shipped to me all at once....from the same source.  That never happens with the "hunt and peck" of vintage figure collecting.

I should mention that I plan to remove the integral bases and mount these figures on round 30mm bases...probably some of the Fenris Games "Arc" bases.


Next time we will look at the Retained Knights I've assembled to act as my Space Marine Proxies.

Cheers for now!



  1. Excellent idea, I will be interested to see how they turn out.
    The bases look like they will work very well with the style of the miniatures.
    I have some in a box somewhere from the days of Firefight. I always liked them and thought they were over-looked as a range.

  2. Good luck with removing the bases !

    I think this is a great choice for RT, I love how they could play as "early IG" or space colons or something.
    Can't wait to see some of your painting magic on them.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with these guys. I have a dozen of the "Retained" space marine looking guys I bought many many years ago. I'd like to pick up more but they run on the pricey side.
    They definitely have the Rogue Trader vibe though!

    1. Keep your eyes open on eBay and you can find some good deals...I picked up 14 Retained Knights for less than $10...which is what started me down this road. These Muster Troops I got from Noble Knight Games on eBay and the price worked out to about $2.50 each...for new in the Blister figures...a nice change of pace for me...opening blisters with no Guilt...8-)