Friday, November 8, 2013

Warhammer Skirmish Homebrew fun game

Howdy all,

Last night I managed to convince a couple of my buddies to have a game of Oldhammer...and we opted to do something a little different....we played a total skirmish game.  I home brewed a set of rules using 3ed as the base with some input from Rogue Trader and Realms of Chaos as well as other ideas that randomly popped into my head.  The idea was to have a fairly fast flexible game with smallish units (8 max).  I think we succeeded...and most importantly we had a lot of fun doing it.

The forces engaged consisted of Dwarfs and Humans (my 5th ed Brets) on the side of light...commanded by Brian....and Chaos Dwarfs and Orcs and Goblins on the side of Chaos...commanded by Tom.

Here are a few pictures of the nights activities...sorry for the quality...they are all done with my iPhone and under the crappy florescent lights in my garage.

Here is an overview of the table with Tom starting to move his forces of Chaos (chaos dwarfs and O&Gs) onto the table...

No smart ass comments about the exercise bike in the background...
As you can see we had a fairly dense set of ruins in the center of the table representing a burned out village...this is composed of card building from Dave Graffam.

Marauder Wolf riders attempt to dominate the flank....Troll slayers move to intercept.

Crappy lighting...sorry...
 Dwarf handgunners advance into the fray...

 For this game each side had three squads of troops that started the game off the table and who appeared rather randomly and often in unwanted kept the boys on their toes...:)

 A new unit of orcs appears on the battlefield.

They are promptly engaged by some light Cavalry... the center of the table...the unit of chaos dwarfs stumbles upon an unexpected troll...

oooohhh...he looks angry!
"Wait!  did someone say Troll!!!???!?  Lets go get killed boys!!"

But sadly the troll was dead by the time their tiny little legs got them to the they found some orcs to thump instead.

Noisy neighbors upstairs?!?!?
In the end of the day the forces of chaos controlled the bloody battlefield....though only 4 chaos dwarf were left to celebrate....all other unit had been destroyed or fled off the table...

It was a great took us about 3 hours to play through the entire game.  Next time I will need to add in some special characters and introduce basic magic.  The boys seemed to really enjoy the looser feel of the skirmish game...and though I missed seeing big block of infantry moving across the table I can understand the appeal of this type of game and we may continue to experiment with it in the future.

Cheers for now!



  1. Juicy green battlefield and bases: must be classic Warhammer game :D
    Good to see people still play old and (sadly - forgotten) games.
    It's like a tiny spark of light at the end of dark tunnel of shitecast, 3d rending and other modern gaming abominations! ;)


  2. Dwarf goodness! Good times!

  3. What's with the exersice bike?

    Sorry, couldn't resist :p

  4. Only just saw this post. Always pleasing to see batreps and yours always have some very spiffily painted lead too!