Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Rest of Averland ...Part II

Alright...lets carry on with thebinman's Averlanders.

Some of this batch of figures really require an additional color beyond the black, yellow, and white...figures that seem more like peasant that have "rough" cloth on as well as figures representing a Game keeper...and an archer that looks a lot like Robin Hood who pretty much demanded green clothing,  So this series of pictures shows the whole group with all the additional base colors in place.  I've also had time to highlight the flesh areas on all the figures up to near completion...I'll go back and do a final highlight as one of my last tasks.

Here are the group shots...

I hadn't even notice the excellent scar on the cheek of the guy on the far left until I painted it...
I'm not sure why I keep including the dog?  I'll do him all at once after the others are done.

And here are close ups of a few of them...

Next I'll highlight up the greens and start in on the black.

As requested by 24_cigarettes I'll try and document that process in some detail.

Cheers for now.



  1. Excellent! I'm not familiar with some of the models (on the last picutre for instance): where do they come from? Old Citadel betonnians? Marauder Miniatures?

    1. These are all citadel figures...from the fighters range...early empire. The only marauder fig were in the first batch of five.

  2. Cheers mr blue
    I've never been able to paint blacks in such a way that they didn't come out grey.
    I've always dreamt of copying Paul sawyer's beastmen from the tale of 4 painters in white dwarf. I hope with your guide I can make it a reality.
    PS I may be able to talk she who must be obeyed into spending New Years in Montreal....that's awfully close to Vermont!

    1. It's only two hours from my house!

    2. Most excellent!
      Once my back is fully healed I'm going in a painting crusade to finish 3k of skaven...
      Could the first international game in the oldhammer movement really take place in the new world? Time will tell!