Monday, May 6, 2013

LPL Round 3: Last of the Bret Archers

Here is the final group of Bretonnian Archers that I have been working thru.  These just finished competing in the third round of the Lead Painters League over on the Lead Adventure Forum.  Here is the shot I used for the competition:

So I finally have this entire unit of 18 archers in the bag!  Its been a long haul but I very happy with the results...other than the banner which does not live up to the rest of the unit and will need to be reworked before I can completely put this unit in the "win" column.  But until that time here is what they will look like on the table top.

They look great ranked up next to the spear unit I completed for the Bugman's contest...but I will spare you an "army shot" until I get the rest of the troops sorted out.  The Scouts (Squires with bows) are nearly there and you will be seeing some Mounted Squires when they are done competing next weekend.  The halberds are still in primer and will remain that way for will the unit of knights that I'm still assembling.... there just isn't enough time in a week!




  1. Sitting pretty at 6 in the leaderboard! This army really is growing apace...

  2. Great looking unit. Love the muted colour scheme. BTW, I've mixed BTD in with Brets from this era and they work really well together. I'd be interested to hear if you've done the same.

    1. hhhmmm...These are all citadel sculpts...and that is all I've used for my other units as well. I'm certainly not opposed to mixing in other figure lines I go to the BTD website! thanks for the pointer.

  3. Lovely tones there Blue, as always. These are probably the best looking Brets I have ever seen, and that includes those found in White Dwarf. Bravo!