Saturday, May 11, 2013

LPL Round 4: Mounted Squires

Its time for my weekly LPL update.  For round 4 I continued to plug away at portions of my Bretonnian themed warband...but this time I moved away from the ever present archers and opted to do a team of Mounted Squires.  Like the rest of the range these guys show the Perry brothers sculpting at their best.  I had originally planned to field a team of 7 including a leader and an standard bearer...but I just couldn't get the standard painted in time...because the F#$%ing horses took forever to I went with a group of 6 for the contest.  Once the LPL wraps up I'll finish up the standard...and hopefully some more rank and file....if I can find some. is my entry photo

These figure are armed with a boar spear and have a long bow strapped to their backs so they will make great light cavalry for my Bret force.

The Mounted squire sculpts also feed into my weakness as a collector because there are no less than 18 unique sculpts to hunt down.  At this point I've managed to find 10 of them...3 just arrived today...but I've been beating the bushes trying to find the rest.   If you have any spares please drop me a note!

Here are the ones I'm still looking for:

Thanks for looking!




  1. Another strong round - those horses were worth the time you put in.

    Blue for the number one position...?!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous horses... The colour is suitably naturalist to suit your riders. As Thantsants has said, another very strong contribution indeed.

  3. Your stuff is consistently of the highest order. These are beautiful mate.

  4. Very nice Blue, your entries have got my votes over on LAF. The riders are great, the horses are awesome, and I am really liking the bases.

  5. They do look great... The coffee coloured horses are especially successful ... any chance of the recepie for those?