Thursday, May 30, 2013

Unboxing Goblin King's Battle Chariot...A brief LPL Respite.

This week I thought I would give you all a break from the endless stream of LPL entries....particularly as the next two I have to post are virtually identical anyway...and show off a little something that arrived at my home while I was away on business.  I carried out a trade with Abear over on Bartertown ...I sent him some classic Marauder and Citadel dwarfs and he sent me some 4th ed Savage Orc Boar riders and the classic Citadel Goblin King's Battle Chariot. 

I felt we achieved a very fair trade and didn't give it another thought...until I returned home after being gone for two weeks and found a sizable box on my seemed too large for the trade that we had arranged...when I opened it I found out why...

...the Chariot came in its original box!  Abear had not mentioned this fact in our discussions so it was a VERY exciting bonus to this trade.  I'm not one to get too caught up in opening blisters or collecting old figure boxes...but I have to admit there was a wave of nostalgia that hit when I held that box in my hands.

...So I thought I'd share the experience with you.

Here is the front of the box...a little beat but still full of charm...

 I love the border on this box...I see where Zhu gets his inspiration!

Here is the back with the Stats and Fluff...

Click for a larger version
Here are all the components in the original Styrofoam tray...The Chariot body and Boar have been assembled already but the other pieces are still loose and untouched.

Here is a close-up of the boar....a very nice model and the right balance of pig and fantasy...very modest in size compared to the boars of later editions.

...And here he his with the cart attached...

Here are the crew member and the Goblin King himself...pretty similar to the one from the new Hobbit Movie right...:) ?!

Here they are in position on their new ride!

Fitting the driver is a little fiddly...but I figured it out eventually...

And an Overview shot of the whole model...

This is really a wonderful model...its a pretty puny chariot in comparison to others from this time period like the High Elf Chariot.  Goblin King's Battle "Cart" might have been a better name for this peice...but it oozes character and charm like most models of this era....and having the original box to go with it is a real joy.

Cheers for now!



  1. That'll look even cooler with a Blue pj!

  2. Yep it may look like a lowly cart but have you checked out the stats?!

    The Demon chariot/boar would take out those showy Wood Elves no probs.

    Nice find - I had similar feelings when I bagged the Leadbelcher Organ Gun in its original box.

    I hear you on the need for a little rest from the LPL too ;)

  3. Nice find, oddly enough I managed to get this a few months ago in it's box as well, nostalgia overload...

  4. Want this, but i was lucky enough to get just the Goblin King figure last year though for my Chaos Dwarf Warband and it was a joy to paint.

  5. always hated greenskins (being a dwarf player) but even I feel all nostalgic seeing the old box's
    Peace James

  6. It's a great little chariot. Thantsants is right, it might look dinky but it does have a scary Demon inside!
    The box art and photograph of the painted model on the front was inspiring to the imagination.
    The model is lovely and has all the charm of 1980's Goblins and is fun to paint. I later re-based my one on a chariot sized base to stop it chpping or getting damaged.