Monday, April 22, 2013

LPL Round 1: Command Group....DAK

Howdy all,

So the first week of the LPL just wrapped up and the second now I can share the picture of my first entry.  The special theme for round 1 was: Command Element.  So for a team to earn the bonus points it had to include some sort of identifiable command and control figures.  Luckily this theme fit perfectly with a group of figures I painted up as part of a small commission I did for DD-Chris over on the LAF.  I worked up a group of Battle Honors 25mm DAK figures for him to use in his pulp gaming.  This group included a Lt. type and an radio operator....sounds like a command element to me!

Here they are...I hope you are putting them to good use DD-Chris!

For 25mm figures these are nicely detailed and quite fun to paint....them seemed quite small in comparison to my normal 28mm heroic scale figures but I enjoyed them and they are very cost effective.

Cheers!  Back to the Painting desk...


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  1. Hi Blue... We'll have to stop meeting like this...people will talk! Great Germans by the way! Oh and hope my Orcs and Goblins are doing well?! LOL.
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