Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Batch Painting I Part...whatever...can't keep track! :)

Just a quick note today.  I'm in the throes of LPL painting and sadly can't show work-in-progress photos of my current work...but I can share some shots of a couple more of the Bretonnian "Squires with Bows" that I have been slogging through...these I used for a submission of last months Brush Slave League on CDO.  I will be using these as scouts for my Bret/Empire force.  I'm quite happy with these...the kneeling guy in particular has a wonderful face to paint....those Perry boys really know their business.  Here they are...

You can tell I was in a hurry to get this entry in because the bases aren't really done and the photo cropping is crap...but I got it in and that is what counts...

Cheers for now!



  1. Those are brilliant - I especially like the faces - you'd have me convinced that those were much larger scale than 28mm.

  2. Really well done. Thank's for sharing.