Monday, April 23, 2012

Lead Painters League Week 7: Archers

Another week...another chance to show off my last LPL team.  I went outside my normal ranges for this team.  Back in the day I picked up a couple of packs of Bretonian archers based solely on their looks....they are just wonderful characterful sculpts and I had to have them.  Fast Forward 20 years and they were still languishing in a box in the closet....the LPL was the perfect excuse to put a lick of paint on them.

I envision these guys as the Border Guards/Rangers for my Dwarf/Human Army...therefore I opted for more subdued color pallet of dark green, deep blue, and a golden tan color.  These guys also have the new flesh tone that I have been experimenting with and I think it works quite well on them...perhaps it is a better system for Human features than for the large dwarf faces like in the last team.

 I actually also worked on the standard bearer for this group and got him about 80% finished before realizing that he was slowing up the works and that I HAD to focus on just getting five figures done and photographed.  So he has about a nights worth or work left on him...hopefully once the LPL wraps up, and my field work commitments ease a bit, I'll be able to get him finished.  When he is done I will take better individual shots of the whole team and share them with you.

I have also just picked up a 4 new figures for this unit from my frequent trading partner I can get rid of the crappy plastic filler troops that I had.  These are actually some of the "youngest" figures that I have in my from the mid-90s...but they will probably not be the last...I've been eye balling the 4th edition Black Orcs...High Elves as much lead so little time and money!

Anyway...Cheers for now!



  1. Very nicely done Blue. I'd love to see you paint some old Norse guys.

  2. Excellent, Blue.

    These here are some of my favourite fantasy humans, so quite "easy" voting for you in Round 7. Doing great this year, and wish you all the best - and will be looking forward seeing you back at BSL :)

    Looking forward to a grand finish.