Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lead Painters League Round 4: Ratnik Halberds

Well Week four of the LPL is now in the bag and we have moved onto Round 5...so I'm able to share with you some pictures of my team for round 4.  For this Round I chose to work on a group of the recently released landsknecht halberd men from Lead Adventure Miniatures (http://www.lead-adventure.com/).  These wonderful figures are part of the growing Bruegelburg Line sculpted by the very talented Ratnik.  The figures are amazingly detailed and full of character.  This is both a good thing....and a challenge for a painter working on a deadline like I was.  While the detail makes the figures look amazing...they did take a while to paint!  This made the run up to submission time a very close run thing.  But...it all worked out in the end.

Here is my Entry Picture:

I also found the time to take some "studio" shots after the contest began.  Here is the group studio shot.

...And here are some shots of the individual troopers

This guy was sold as a standard bearer...I opted to give him a weapon and use him as an overzealous trooper...I have another Standard bearer to use for the unit.

I'm not sure about this guys bald head...I may need to add some stubble in the future...

There are more armored figures like this one coming in the next batch...whenever that might be :)

And this guy is my favorite of this batch...I just love his face...so he gets a couple of extra pictures...I also love that he has a gourd canteen (behind his sword hand)...I love details like that!

That's all for now...thanks for looking!




  1. Great entry Blue - I've been keeping an eye on the Bruegelberg line of minis with increasing admiration and a growing lack of self-control! You've certainly done them justice here :)

    Commiserations on the battle at Koles Lorr by the way!

  2. A super cool entry, Blue. They sure looks good painted to your high standard. The LAM range is really become a major player in renaissance miniatures, too. Good for people like us, that don't really do sci-fi.

    Oh, and your round 5 ain't bad either ;-)

    Now get those last 5 rounds done, and come back to us at BSL.

    All the best,

    1. Much better photo, you have depth and a bit of interest without distracting from the figures. More importantly, and the point of these type of shots there is a little bit of a narrative happening. These guys look like they are marching out of the city gates past some nearby hovel. Perhaps on the way to the training grounds dressed up to impress in all their finery. Good stuff.

      Oh and excellent PJs as always.

  3. Really great job on those Blue! What's your recipe for red? I've got a bunch of red coated chaps lined up and I dread that red. Want it rich, vibrant and deep. My "old" approach have always been blood red, black wash, frustration, frustration, frustration and finally a rather flat looking red. Recently I've tried other ways of doing it, but any pointers would be much appreciated.

  4. Thanks Phreedh!

    I achieve the red with Vallejo Model Color Paints...
    1. Base coat Black
    2. First Coat 946 Dark Red
    3. followed by Red 947
    4. highlighted with Flat Red 957

    ...I do do some blending between colors...probably 5-6 layers altogether.