Tuesday, March 27, 2012

LPL Round 3 Entry: Green Orcs and Ham

For round three of the LPL I started a unit that I have been itching to paint for years...MM22 Marauder Orc boar riders. These are the best boar riders ever produced in my opinion. Not only are the riders full of character and style...but the boars are too. Later GW boar riders...like the savage orcs were wonderful figures...but the boars were horrible. Earlier Citadel boar riders were decent figures with decent boars...but to my eye the Marauder ones are the best.

So this entry was a lot of fun to paint and I really look forward to painting more in the future. Without further ado...here they are

And here is the studio shot

Well that's enough for now...got to get back to the painting table...round four is in play now and round five...the Tolkein themed round is on the corks...it's going to be touch and go to get it done and well photographed in time!

Cheers for now.



  1. Yep look great and real favorites of mine too. I have a whole bunch waiting to paint currently doing mm32 gobbo wolf riders at the moment though. Photo is a real improvement very clean and I much prefer the original bases.

    If you have any swaps to tempt me with I know I have a spare mm23 orc general somewhere though the spare doesn't have the back banner and you may already have him.

  2. Erny

    Thanks for your comments. I'm always looking to fill holes in both my MM22s and MM32/34s so if you have duplicated please send along a list or some pictures...I'll sift through my stuff and see what I can come up with as well. The Wolf riders are only short list as well and you may see some of them as an LPL entry soon too!

  3. Oh...yeah...make sure to post pictures of your finish wolf riders too please...I can't get enough of looking at them!

    1. No problems I'll have a shift through some boxes, I tend to keep duplicates of troopers but champions, leaders and command just sit in the bottom of bits boxes. That statement covers all the marauder lines but dwarfs. My brother collected them and somehow my collection of them never grew to much. So anyway any other marauder needs or swaps could be worth knowing....

      Oh, I like the choice of shields for them too. If you can't get the original shields at least go contemporary to them they look good.

  4. I have some of the original shields...I wanted to use the Bad Moon one that came with these figures but it is just too large for these guys. The shield would have covered up too much of the rider and looked silly...so I went with the other Bad Moon ones I had...these from the old Warhammer Regiments Box.

    As far as other Marauder Ranges...for me it mostly Dwarfs, O&G, Humans, And Chaos. I may start to look at the skeletons too...but not a high priority right now.

  5. Great work as always - I do like your greenskins!

    Got a couple of these boys languishing with their citadel cousins waiting for a repaint - one day, one day...