Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LPL Round 6: Happy Easter

Howdy all, With Round six of the LPL kicking off on Easter Sunday I felt obligated to do something interesting...and I was looking for an excuse to paint some more of the great Ratnik dwarfs that I have recently received from LAM. Luckily for me one of the sets of dwarfs that I ordered included the two guys that are designed to carry the dragon egg. A quick switch of cargo and we have a great centerpiece for the team. After that it all just fell into place....a religious fanatic preaching in front....a dwarf with a wheelbarrow that could be filled with some chocolate and one playing an over sized horn to announce the arrival of the egg ...and the team was ready. Here they are:

I've continued to experiment with a new fleshtone...and with these guys I feel like I've finally started to settle into the new color...I went a little too pale on the priest and actually had to back out and re paint some parts of his head to mellow the color a little bit. (I would love any feed back you care to share about the skin color). Colorwize on the rest of the figures. I opted for slightly more muted tones for these guys...which seems to be a trend with me right now...I still love to paint an obnoxious puff and slash dwarf....but there is an appeal to mo natural colors as well. Im not convinced that I like their white cuffs and hood edges...but at this point I don't see myself changing them...;) Alright off to bed....this fieldwork is kicking my ass... Cheers, Blue

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  1. Gasp! Pure 100% awesome. The egg carriers are genius! As to the flesh tone, it looks great, but personally I like dwarf skin a little ruddier.