Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lead Painters League Round 8: Dwarf Adventurers II

Hello all,

Sorry for the delay in getting this weeks LPL entry up here on the blog...once again "real" life conspires to make my life as difficult as possible.  I'm been spending at least half of each week out in the field getting nothing painting related done...and of course I am frantically trying to get the 10 figures for LPL round 10 done to a decent standard. is my round 8 entry...consisting of a more of the excellent Marauder "Norse" dwarfs that have been assembled for my warband project.  This team felt like quite a rush job to me but it seems to have done well in the contest.  I was up against a wonderful entry by one of my favorite LPL contestants: Lt. Hazel.  His works are a constant source of inspiration and this one was certainly of very high quality.  In fact I was quite surprised that voting went my way this I would like to take the opportunity to applaud Lt.'s work on his entry.

Well after all are the dwarfs...once things settle out a bit I'll get a shot with the first group of Dwarf Adventurers. to work on round 10 some more...I can't wait to get some decent sleep when this is all done with!




  1. Excellent work! Shame GW never kept at this line, so much character!

  2. Blue these are amazing as always! I am sure you have mentioned it but what base colour do you use for flesh tones it's quite a sallow shade.

    I love your metals.

    Did you ever end up painting any Mantic Dwarfs?