Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Marauder Goblin Wolf Boys Hero Pack! MM32/1

The last of the blister packs from the 3rd edition Marauder Wolf Boys range that I need to share with you is the two figure Command pack MM32/1.  This pack contains the fantastic Major Hero on a cloth barded wolf with a back banner, as well as the mounted archer Hero who is one of my absolute favorite sculpts from this range.

Both these figures are fantastic...and it is obviously from the Hero's back banner with its Dagger and Heart symbol that I have taken to replicate for the shields on all the riders from this range.  I feel like this pulls the whole force together in a cohesive manner despite the variety of sculpts contained in the range.

Here they are with the Catalog Drawings

And here are a few more shots.

The major hero is just a superb sculpts.  He has a classic impish Goblin face and the Barded Wolf is also a favorite. The addition of the back banner really makes this figure even cooler and I'm really happy to have this figure leading my force of Marauder Wolf Boys.

The Archer hero is no slouch either.  He's got a great face, and I really like the make shift Morning star he is wielding. It seems to be just a hunk of metal on the end of a braided rope attached to a rough wood handle...but driven by the force of an on rushing Wolf I'm sure it could do some damage.  I'll be using him as the hero for my mounted archers due to the presence of the quiver and bow case that are sculpted onto this figure.  You can also see that I have chosen one of the wolves from the Marauder Goblin Chariot to be his mount.

Alrighty then! Now that that is done...I have one more post coming on the Marauder Wolf Boys which will show case some of the "conversions" and non-standard Wolf boys I have included in this force.  And then...I'll need to stage some good unit shots to really show off the size of this force.

Cheers for now!



  1. Great work as usual, bud! These characters sure have a lot character! (I'll see myself out.)

  2. Not fond of the sculpting job on the barding of the leader's wolf, but i like these gobs!