Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ewal Dvergar Boar Riders

Hi all,

Once again it has been a long delay since I have had a substantive blog post...but I'm trying something new today.  One of the big issues I've been having with blogging is computer related.  My laptop has been on the fritz for weeks now and that is where most of my pictures are in order to get something up I've decided to write a post on my phone with the pictures I have stored there.  So if the formatting is a bit weird...I blame the phone and blogger app...:) I would like to talk to you about chaos dwarfs...or more specifically boar mounted Ewal Dvergar!!  My hook-up for all things stunty and Chaotic...Clam... sent me a batch of his newly released Boar riders a month or two ago and I've finally had a chance to get to work on them.

BTW...When you decide to get some of these...and you will...hit up Clam's Blog to order here:

One of the fun things about these figures is that any of the chaotic dwarfy heads that John Pickford has sculpted for Clam (and others) fit perfectly on these bodies.  So this allowed me to have some fun mixing and matching bits and pieces from a variety of sets to make unique boar riders for my army.  as I started to play with the options I laid out all my bits...

I decided to build five troopers to start and pieced together some fun options for heads and weapons.  In addition to mixing and matching the heads and weapons I also incorporated a few Marauder Boars from my collection into my troops just for some variety.  they fit perfectly as well!

As I fitted heads to bodies I also decided to add beards to two of the helmet options that didn't come with them.  This was a good test of my VERY rusty greenstuff skills and I was quite happy with the results after much faffing around.  I added a traditional beard to one model and coiled beard to another.

I then drilled and pinned each rider and mount combo and finally had all five troopers and mounts ready for priming.

for painting I started right in on the guy with the which I had added a beard and used a Marauder boar as a mount.  You may notice that his armor color is very similar to the Chaos Renegade that I wrote about in my last post...and that is due to the fact that I decided to double down and use the same mixes I was making for that figure on one of my Dvergar as seems to have worked out well and saved me some time.

Feeling happy with the way that one worked out I pushed right on into the second Dvergar.  This one is mounted on a Clam boar and has my favorite helmet from the set...the Gladiator helmet works very well on this figure IMO...he looks bad ass.  For the weapon I decided to go a slightly different route and use a bit from my bitz box.  this is a sword cut off a recast MM90 Chaos dwarf...

I must point out the boar here...he was a joy to paint and the quality of the sculpting made it very easy to make look good.  Frankly it makes the Marauder boar look a bit lame!  Pickford really produced some amazing mounts for these guys.

In fact I like them so much that I got a bunch extra from Clam to use for some of my Marauder Orc Boar Riders as well!

So...I have a few more to go for my initial little unit and hope to get to those soon...but first I am escaping for a vacation with my family.

see you on the flip side!!




  1. They are glorious!!!!! Can't wait to ally with them.

  2. Thank you for your nice review of my miniatures and very happy to hear you liked them.

  3. Good stuff Blue, nice sculpting on the beards. It's cool when you can find a new set of sculpts that fit so nicely with the classics. I hope you can get your computer woes sorted out. I found the blogger app to be a real pain in the ass.

    1. Yeah the app blows! I'm not likely to do another one this way! not a long one anyway.

  4. Those evil dwarves look stunning! The armour contrasts well against the boars and the beards look part of the original sculpt once painted.

  5. Carsten Lambert does great work. I bought a dwarf standard bearer and drummer from him. Fantastic minis and great service.