Friday, June 30, 2017

Chaos Renegade #18...Plasma Hand

Hi all,

In hopes of getting my painting mojo going again I sat down and forced myself to do some painting last weekend and I actually got something completed.

As they are all such a pleasure to paint I chose to complete another classic Chaos Renegade for this task.  I also chose one of my new favorite colors to paint and went to town...

Here are the results!

I hope to be back soon with a longer and more informative post.  I have plenty to wrap up including my house builds, and terrain boards which are now complete.

Thank you for you patience in awaiting a Blog post from me.




  1. Boba Fett missile launcher dude is still my favourite I think! But this guy is right up there!

  2. Nice renegade, dude. I feel you on the loss of painting mojo, and subsequent struggle to recapture it. Often, I sit at my desk, look over my vast array of unpainted minis for a bit, and then decide to just go to bed. I have been painting some small bits of scatter terrain lately, which is helping. In the past, I relied on having big chunks of free time to get lots of painting done, now I think I need to re-calibrate for short sprints of productivity and a more gradual sense of progress.

  3. Just beautiful stuff Blue. BTW I'm thinking of doing my Brets to team up with yours, or should I do High Elves?