Sunday, June 26, 2016

Chaos Renegades...Line Art... Part 2

Hi all,

Painting time has been very scarce for the last week so I'm back with another post about the line art drawings of Chaos Renegades that are include in the Traitor legions army lists found in the back of RoC Slaves to Darkness. 

Last time we looked at a few of these drawings that had corresponding figures this time I would like to look at a few of the ones that don't...and few oddities that I have noticed.

One troop type that is included in these armies lists for which there are no corresponding miniatures are those showing Chaos Tech Marines.  As we all know these are essential troop types to support your heavy weapons and dreadnoughts etc...and yet no Chaos Tech Marine figures were ever produced during the RT era.  Lets look at what the art shows us...

This is all three of the Tech Marines shown in Slaves...the first two are very similiar to existing Renegade models...and the third appears to have the head of one of the classic Copplestone Chaos warriors from the Fantasy range...specifically this guy:

While an interesting use of existing inspiration (and one we will see again later)...what I am most interesting in with the Tech Marines is their tools.  What the hell are those things?  The standard loyal tech marines are often shown with large wrenches or blow torches etc. but all the Chaos tech marines depicted have this same device in their hands....anyone know what that thing is?  either way I think these drawings could be used as great inspiration for some conversion work so that I can have a Chaos Tech Renegade accompany my Dreadnought....once I get it painted.

Like the last tech marine shown there are several more pieces of line art that depict marines that have helmets inspired by fantasy chaos warriors....and in particular the Copplestone CWs seem to be favored for this work.  Here are a few more with their corresponding figures...again great inspiration for conversion if one was so inspired...

The Fantasy heads work surprisingly well on the Power armored bodies don't you think?

The last line drawings i would like to highlight are those that represent Chaos Spawn and Possessed marines....these two troop types open up a whole realm of conversion possibilities...really the sky is the limit with these mind bending drawings...

Now we just need to convince some insanely talented sculptor to make these excellent figures for us all to enjoy **cough** Diego **cough**

thats all for now...I'll hopefully be back with another painted Renegade soon.




  1. And....I've already convinced another insanely talented sculptor..**cough* ...Tim Prow..**cough** start on some of them while I'm busy ;)

  2. Me thinks their using sonic screwdrivers or something Blue :D They sure do look like strange instruments don't they!

    I reckon if you wanted to make your own CSM minis from the illustration you could basically use the complete top half. The problem would be with the legs. Could try a cut & shut with a donor CSM and see what it looks like?

    Good little article Blue :)

  3. Intense research and attention to detail. Bravo.

    The Chaos Techmarine prongs look a bit like the tools used to adjust computers in Blakes 7 crossed with bizarre medieval torture devices and fire pokers.

  4. I always thought that as their tech was mutating and becoming more alive, "fixing" things involved torturing them into moving again. The Chaos equivalent of hitting them just right. ;)

  5. Yeah I get a vibe from them like they're some kind of hook for pulling out brains and internal organs used in mummification.

  6. Hi - I know this is an old post and you may never see my reply, but hey-ho, I'll throw my two cents in anyway. I believe that the tools that the Techmarines are holding in the illustrations are Spawngoads. They were a free equipment upgrade in all three Renegade lists in StC.