Thursday, May 19, 2016

Get out of the Basement and Go meet a new friend!!!

Hi all,

Just a quick post to support the new effort that is being put into the Oldhammer Opponent Finder (OOF).

"What is the Oldhammer Opponent Finder?" you ask...?

Well listen young padawan...The OOF is an amazing tool that will help you to break out of the endless cycle of painting armies (or not) and never having an opponent to field them against!! 

Basically the OOF is a Google map on which Oldhammer types from around the world have marked their location in hopes of finding someone near by to game with.  This effort dates to the Earliest months of the Oldhammer Movement and was started by Skarsnik back in the days before the FB group.  It was used by many of the OG Oldhammerers but as the community expanded and "oozed" across the many social media platforms available its usage slumped off.  Thanks to some persistent effort by Sean of Sean's Wargames Corner this map is seeing a resurgence in usage and I want to support that effort as much as possible...because I too am always looking for new folks to game with.  This is particularly important here in North America where the Oldhammer Community is quite wide spread. is a link to the map...I'll also add it to my side bar.

If you haven't already take a minute and get yourself listed on the map....and who know you may have someone to Oldhammer with right next door!




  1. Don't tell me how to Oldhammerer! LMAO

  2. Replies
    1. OG=Original Gansta...or Old Guard...which ever you prefer. I'm referring to us old farts that have been talking about this stuff the longest.

    2. Ah ok, I that makes sense.

  3. Thanks Blue, meant to reply to this awhile back but then I went down the t-shirt design rabbit hole. We needz moar Oldhamsters!