Saturday, November 28, 2015

Frostgrave Fishmen! Krackatoans for the frozen city

Hi all,

Just a quick note to mention that Joe over at Dragon Bait miniatures has just posted a new sculpt to join his latest release...the Kracatoans.  At this point there are 12 sculpted and cast members of this warband including the fantastic Mage.  And an effort to make this force a bit more Frostgrave friendly Joe has asked Tim Prow to sculpt a second magic user to join the this case a witch.  Now with the ability to use the witch as an apprentice this group of fantastic figures becomes much more viable as a frostgrave force.  Check out his excellent sculpt!

I love the fishing net as a shawl...perfect.

Also if you haven't seen the giant crab and riders that are available through the indiegogo campaign here are a few pics

Please go check out the campaign and support if you can here is a link:




  1. So many miniatures, so little time. We need an Oldhammer powerball pool.

  2. Good thing that Tim finished all his miniatures for the Diehard Kickstarter :-)

  3. oh yes...these will be mine!

    ...and hopefully I will paint them...LOL