Thursday, November 19, 2015

Attack of the Krackatoans! The Fishmen Cometh...

Howdy all,

As I mentioned in my last post I've been working hard to try to clear the many half finished projects that have occupied my painting desk for months.  One of the long lingering projects has been a group of figures from Dragon Bait Miniatures called the Krackatoans.  These are wonderful fishmen that would fit right in to pretty much any fantasy setting...and like most of the DB miniature figure line they are infused with some of that tongue-in-cheek humor that we all love about "Oldhammer" figures.  I'm really considering using this group as a Frostgrave warband as well....:)

Joe at Dragon Bait is one of the nicest guys you can deal with in our community and he was nice enough to send me a set of these miniatures before they were released.  They are now available through a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.  What I love about Joe's campaigns is that he has the figures in hand and ready to go...when the campaign ends he sends your figures to long waits.  Joe does it right. Please go take a look at his offerings...I find that supporting small figure producers like DB is very rewarding and can add some very unique minis to your collection that look great on the table.

Lets take a look at the whole batch and then we will look to closeups of each individual.


As you can this set you get a great variety of figures.  The warband is led by a fantastic Mage sculpt but you also get a musician and troops with a variety of weapons including harpoons, two-handed weapons, man catchers etc.

Lets start with the Mage... (click through for larger images)

This figure is just Superb...the octopus on the staff, the tentacle hair, the fantastic all adds up to an amazing little mini.

Here we have the musician...blowing a massive shell summon the fishmen to battle

The mage is protected by a number of viscous Krackatoans warriors...including this guy with the Giant scallop shell for a shield....

....and this bloke who has hafted up a HUGE shark tooth for his great weapon.

Lastly from the first group we have one of the most dynamic figures from this range...

I love the motion of this figure.  Watch out!!! He is about to ensnare your legs then "tickle" you with his spear!

Here we have a fishman who has scavenged a paddle from one of his victims for use as a weapon.

These two warriors supply a level of ranged attack by wielding these nasty looking harpoons!

This freaky little dude is wielding the frightening Man-catcher...don't let him snag you!

Another warrior armed with a shield and spear....

...and another warrior armed with a shark tooth war club.

And finally one of my other favorites from the range.  The use of a horseshoe crab for a helmet is just genius IMO.

So...there you have them....the Krackatoans are coming...make sure you get a set for your won't be dissapointed with the quality of the sculpts and castings and you will help keep small scale mini producers like Dragon Bait rolling along and continuing to produce unique and interesting figures for us all to game with.

Cheers for now...

I've got to get back to those Dwarf shields!




  1. These are wonderful figures, and you've done a really nice job on them. I love the horseshoe crab guy.

  2. What amazing sculpts! I really like the palette you've chosen for them too. Cracking stuff all round.

  3. Yes! Fishmen! Such great looking miniatures and you have made them so alive, Blue in VT! They will look amazing on the table.

  4. Great job Blue! A fantastic advertisement for these figures. If I hadn't already splurged on a bunch of figures I would buy these in a heart beat. I too support the idea of supporting small new companies that have that certain Oldhammer vibe. I'll keep my eye out for Dragon Bait.

    1. Well crap. Now I looked at their site and the Indiegogo. I feel my wallet getting lighter already.

  5. Sorry Sean....but rest assured it's going to a good cause...!

  6. Blue did an awesome job both with the miniatures and the presentation. Funny blue you mentioned Frostgraves because Tim is working on a Krackatoan Witch with a blow fish rattle and a fishing net for a shall...Knowing Tim she?? should come out great..