Friday, September 11, 2015

Bretonnina Knights...Finally finished...?

Well...they made it onto the table at Oldhammer In the New  World...but they weren't really finished.  They didn't have their shields and the bases were only sanded...they weren't done.

...of course they paid me back for this indignity by running off the table at the first chance they I guess I learned something there.

Anyway.  Now they are done...the cowardly bastards.  I'm certainly hoping that they prove a little more resilient in their next encounter.

Anyway...lets look to the pictures.  Here are the first half of the unit.

So there they are...or at least the first half of them. As you can see I've chosen a very eclectic assortment of shields from my bits box but I think they work pretty well.  

More coming soon.




  1. Very nice work! Painting cavalry, especially when very detailed, is always a pain. My favourite is the 3rd one : love the shining yellow

  2. Great job on these!
    I've never had enough patience to paint all those decorative bardings. Sadly.

  3. Beautiful work - I love those crisp lines and clean colours. Dynamite.

  4. They look great. Let's have a rematch next year. I really like the fact that you kept the heraldry to the shield only. I think it has more impact that way.

  5. Beautiful as always blue. Very clean paintjob. I bet they look amazing in an unit.

    1. They look great as a unit. The detail on the back is particularly stunning. ;)