Monday, August 10, 2015

Oldhammer in the New World Prep Part 3

Alright...lets get this out of the way...

Yes...this is another Prep post...

and...Yes the Event is already over...

So what...?

I'm gonna milk this event for all the Bloggy goodness it has to that means you have to suffer through another "Prep" post while I download and process photos from the actual event.'ll be ok I promise...:)

So here goes...

I spent last Wednesday night touching up details on all the horses and riders.  I also selected shields and started to get the base colors on those.  This last task led to a long stroll through my shields box trying to select just the right shields for these guys...this took away from painting time but was alot of fun. 

I have a lot of shields. is the status at the end of Wednesday Night.

Group shot

And here are the individual shots so you can see the shield selections a little better.

And lastly here are the shields that I'm working on for the Knights that are already finished.

Looking good right? 

Blue might actually pull this off right?

So...this is where my plan went a little off the rails...I had been underestimating the amount of time it would take me to pack for the event...and in the end Thursday night turned into a night out with my wife at kids to the fair (Yay!  Fried dough!) and packing. painting was accomplished...sigh.

In other words this is the way the knights were goning to be when I pulled into the event on Friday.

...My only hope is to work on them whenever I could on Friday and Saturday in order to have them on the table by Sunday.

Not ideal to say the least...but I'm finally enjoying painting this unit....even on figures as large as these mounted ones its the details that really bring them to feel good to finally be at that point.

Cheers for now.



  1. I'm glad you persevered with them and got them 90% done. They were glorious on the table, even if they did have horrible luck. Lets do more magic and engines in the rematch next year.

  2. Most definately Sean! We've had our Simplified game...time to take the next one all the way! I'll keep painting!