Friday, May 1, 2015

Blue's Most Wanted...

Howdy all,

Life continues to keep me from getting much accomplished on the hobby front...though I have not been completely idle and hope to have something substantive to show for it soon.

However I have not been completely idle on the collecting front.  Luckily for me my wants list is getting pretty short.  On the downside the last 10% of any collection takes 90% of the time to find...

So in an effort to move that process a little further down the road to completion I thought I would put up a quick post showing my Most Wanted Miniatures! 

To kick things off I have only one last Chaos Centaur to find to finish that range...I'm really excited to get some paint on the ones I have and finding the last one will certainly give me some motivation to get them started!

Next up is another Chaos model...this time from Marauder.  Though I am not a big fan of their chaos steeds I do like their warriors and this one has proven very difficult to track down.

I'm also trying to track down the last three mounted squires from the 5th edition Bretonnian range...Though these guys are not technically "Oldhammer" assured that they will be used with 3rd ed rules!
In addition to the 5th ed Bret models there are still quite a few of the 3rd ed Brets that are proving a real challenge to track down...specifically in the Brigands and Mounted Yeoman ranges.

On the Dwarf front I have nearly everything that I "need" except for a few outliers.  In particular the casualty figure on the bottom of this picture is one I'm hoping to find before I rehab my Prince Ulther's Dragon Company.

I seem to have a strange affinity for casualty models and while I have assembled quite a few of the unfortunate...there are still many I'm hunting down.  These Norse ones being a good example...but if you have any damaged warriors of any race that you are looking to move on let me know!

And nemesis figures...the last three Marauder Wolf Riders I need to complete my set.  I know you have heard me moan and cry about these before...but they still elude me.  I have been actively searching for these guys for at least 3 years now with no luck.  If you have even one of these let me know....I'll make it worth your while!!! (shuddup Chico!)

In case it helps here are some additional pictures of these three.

Though I'm sure other desires will arise in the future if I can secure even a few of these elusive figures I will be much closer to fulfilling my main collecting goals.

If you can help in anyway please let me know!




  1. Took me forever to find that Marauder Chaos Knight, and while I have multiples of all the other marauder knights, I only have one copy of this one. Best of luck finding him!

    1. yeah I've only seen one copy during my search. Isn't it weird that some of these random models are so rare when others from the same range are a dime a dozen...?

    2. Very! Especially since he's my favourite. If you can't find him, you could easily cut the warrior version in half and use a pair of rider legs. No one will ever know!

  2. I'll have a look for that chaos warrior Blue, but don't hold your breathe. I'm pretty sure I have him, but I "may" have a double. As Lannick mentioned, you could hack up the slotta version of him.....if you can find one that is.

    Regarding your predilection for casualty minis, you'll get no sympathy from me. You stole (traded) one of the dead space marines from JB before I had a chance to get him :p

    Seriously though, I really like those old dead soldiers, their make great objective markers. Good luck finding the remaining one's for after.

  3. Hi Blue. I sent Rusty pics of the chaos marauder I have. His sword is miscast and the horse is different than in your pic. If you can use him you are welcome to him.

  4. I rummaged around through my bitz box, but it appears that the mounted squires I have are from the command group, and are not the ones you are looking for. Hope you find them!

  5. Hi Blue
    Don't know if this counts but you can still get the dwarf ninja at GW.
    - Jakob