Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Orks are Coming!!!

Last week I received a nice big, heavy box of minis back from the UK.  This box contained the first figures that I have ever commissioned someone else to paint for me.  With the ever growing mountain of lead I'm constantly fighting I decided it was time to exploit the labor of others to put a dent in it.  When Vidpui of Mini Splodges offered a reduced rate for his talents I jumped at the chance.  I've "known" Vid for several years starting over at Bugman's Brewery where he dazzled us all with his fantastic Old School Dwarf Army so I was quite confident that he would produce some fine results on my figures...and he did not disappoint!

Being the types that is concerned that my armies have the same conhesive "feel" and painting "style" applied to them I chose a faction for which I had painted very few figures...this way the entire force would have a consistent feel.  With my relatively new addiction to RT I have a large number of unpainted I chose a couple of squads of Orks and a small command element to send to Vid.  Not only is Vid a talented painter...but he is FAST!  (Something I will never claim to be...:) ) Once he was able to start he finished this whole lot in less than a week!

Lets take a look at the troops!

Here is the Command section.  This warband is commanded by Narblaz the Nasty, well known for the atrocities he and his troops committed during the sacking of Burglingten on the surface of Putney Prime.

This image of Narblaz was retrieved from an Imperial Recon Drone...he is accompanied by his drummer and standard bearer...

 This fearsome warlord leads two powerful squads of Orks who are ready to raid any vessel, settlement or space station that they land on.

The first squad is equipped with Brick red armor and is led by Shakgut Bonesnapa.  Shakgut's unit is well supported by a heavy flamer, a heavy bolter, and a plasma gunner.

The second squad wears dark yellow armor and is led by Ikgut edChoppa and is supported by a Heavy Plasma Gun and regular plasma gunner.  Note that the heavy Plasma gunner is a "conversion" (ie I just glued a heavy weapon onto a figure that looked like he wanted it...but wasn't designed for it.)

Narblaz and his warband have recently seen some heavy action during the fighting in the long running struggle for control of the Excon Valderz space station orbiting the trading world of Putney Prime located in the Outer Rim settlements.  Here they were involved in a number of engagements with the Imperial forces tasked with protecting the space station.  A small number of intel pictures of Narblaz and his Boyz were captured during the fighting.

Imperial troops move to engage the recently landed Ork Raiders.

The fight is On! is the same picture...but with a different focus! :)

May the Eternal Emperor grant our troops victory over these vicious attackers!

We can expect updates on the continuing fighting in the days to come...

 I'm really excited to get some gaming in with these new troops soon!  Thanks again to Vid for the quick work he did on these troops.




  1. Lovely Orks (if such a thing can be said about Orks)...

    I really like how you have set the photo's up to tell a story, I like it when people do that.

  2. Excellent warband sire, good gree colour contrasting nicely with the armour. Great for original RT obviously but wouldn't look out of place in a Waagh the orks! clan force either.

  3. Good choice for first paint-for-hire. They look stunning. Where are the imperial guys from?

    1. Those figures are Muster Troops from Alternative Armies Ion Age range. Great Bob Olley Sculpts from the early 90s.

  4. Top stuff! What was the cost of getting these fellows done?

    1. For these 23 figures I paid about $75. But like I said it was a special he was running a while ago. Vid's regular prices are still very reasonable though and he is quite fast with the turnaround.

  5. Those are some excellent Orks. I must say I am really taken by that card stock terrain as well. What type is that?

    1. The Terrain is from Battle Systems Sci-Fi Kick starter...I'm not sure they have been released for general consumption yet.

  6. They all look great but especially the bad moons in yellow, I also like the non GW imperial guard, very cool and I gmbet they look great beside your retained Knights