Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blue's One Hour Challenge: RT Astropath

Orylgg kicked off a painting "Challenge" a week or so ago...The 1-Hour Painting Challenge.  The rules are pretty straight forward.  Take a figure from primed to finished in only one hour.  Some pretty impressive results have been posted up and I thought it sounded like fun so I took the opportunity tonight to give it a try.

In planning for this I knew it was going to be a significant challenge for me...I'm a notoriously slow painter and the idea of finishing a figure in an hour seemed ludicrous to me...but I was game to give it a try. order to increase my odds of success I wanted every advantage I could find.  This started with figure selection.  I wanted something without a lot of ornamentation and that required the fewest number of colors possible.  To this end I picked a classic old Rogue Trader Astropath...he is mostly, flesh, robe, and staff. Here is what he looks like ...Naked.  Later, I primed with my normal Dark Gray Primer.

Upon closer look this figure is wearing a kind of fancy jacket with separate panels and hood in addition to his "skirt."  But besides this there is only the shoulder bag, the foot wrappings and his belt.  Not too shabby...I can handle this. 

...I hope!

To further my odds yet more, I also pre-mixed some paint layers on my wet pallet and got some spots of paint for the others areas on the parchment and ready to roll..Other than that I set my time...put on some music and set to work!

As and Aside...I've also been playing with my time lapse camera on my phone and thought I would try to capture the whole painting worked but... not perfectly...I still need to figure out the proper frame rate so you actually can see what I'm doing...but its still kind of amusing.  Here it is:

Assuming that you watched that will now know that I failed the 1-Hour Challenge...I ended up needing another 15 minutes...but...well...close enough for me!  It was my first time!

And here are some photos of the finished figure:

Obviously this is not his final base.  He will be going onto a round base like all my RT figures.

All in all I was very pleased about how this guy came out considering the time involved.  I found the 1-Hour Challenge (or 1.25-Hour) to be quite an enjoyable way to spend part of an evening, and I will certainly be trying it again.

Cheers for now,



  1. Looks excellent, would you mind sharing the painting steps ?

    1. I'll try to give you a run down on the colors when I get the final pictures up. thanks JB!

  2. Lovely work, especially for (just over!) one hour. I would personally make the skin more pale to get more contrast but very nice :)


  3. Great video there Blue - just needs the Benny Hill music to go with it! As I said before, you did a great job on this model and the photo here i s clearer than the one I saw on FB. Well done!