Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bood-Wargames Dwarfs...Infantry models...A Sneak Peek

Howdy all!

I'm back with an actual hobby update this time!  Despite the lack of evidence in the form of blog posts about it...I have actually been getting some painting done...though field commitments and RL have certainly made the going slow.

But I wanted to take the chance to share some pictures of the two dwarfs I have been painting.  These figures come from the Bood-Wargames collection of Dwarf warriors.  These figures have not been generally released yet (but after a fair amount of begging on my part) Edouard, the nice gentleman who is Bood-Wargames, consented to send me a few sculpts before release so I could slap some paint on them.  Bood is planing on a Crowd funding campaign for these lovely sculpts later this year.  

Here are the two I have painted up so far...better detail shots down below

As you can see from the pictures they are designed and sculpted in a medieval manner (as opposed to the excellent Renaissance/Puff and Slash sculpts of the White Knight range) with a strong nod to the classic line of Citadel Imperial dwarfs.  The sculpting was done by John Pickford and the detail is exceptional.  These all come with separate weapon arms which allow some variability between troops.  The weapon options include maces, axes, swords, hammers, spears etc.  I have chosen to arm the group I have been supplied with with hand weapons and shields...though I can certainly see adding a small unit of spear-men to my army in the future.  As you can see the shields are also separate and and I have chosen to photograph these without them so you can get a good look at the sculpts.

Assembly of these figures was quite simple and did not require pinning.  There was also very minimal flash or mold lines.  Here are some pics of these two primed so you can see some more of the detail.  

While I had intended to only assemble these two for the moment ...the work was so easy that I ended up putting all of the infantry models that Bood supplied to me together over the course of an evening.  as you can see this is already shaping up to be a fantastic unit!

As mentioned above there is certainly a strong Imperial Dwarf vibe to these sculpts and as such I felt it obliatory to take a scale comparison shot as well.  I think they fit perectly!

And now for the Glamour shots.  These two figures were fun and fast to paint up.  The sculpts are fairly straight forward with lots of cloth, chainmail, and beard...minimal flesh exposed.  They are not covered with all the fiddly bits often seen on modern sculpts...which in my mind is a good thing.  That said Bood has included a number of small bits that can be attached to figures to further individualize them...things like helmets, daggers, mugs etc.

Anyway...they are great and you should keep an eye out for the upcoming crowd funding campaign!  I certainly will be!

Now, these are just a couple of the infantry models...Bood has also commissioned a range of mounted dwarfs and some special mounted characters.  These are VERY exciting and look fantastic...please stop by his Blog to see some examples of those.  It can be found HERE.  I hope to have an example or two of those painted up soon.

Cheers for now!



  1. Beautiful and characterful painting as ever, Blue.

  2. Lovely work.

    I was looking forward to the crowdfunding campaign for these already, now even moreso. Although given the size of my painting backlog already I need to be patient...!

  3. Really nice, Blue in VT! I can't wait for the Mounted Dwarves! Especially eager to see how you paint them up!

  4. Well done. Lovely paint jobs. ;) I going to have to chaoticify some of these.

  5. They certainly live up to the promise of the greens/master castings - beautifully done, Blue! There's no way I'll be able to resist the mounted versions...

  6. Lovely models (although I'm sure the paintjobs help too!). Might have to consider getting involved in this.

  7. I only saw Boods models a day or so ago, and I think they are fantastic. Im going to spend all my pocket money on them. You've given them a great display paint job! hurry up with the rest of the unit!!!

  8. These are really nice VT... I might have to add a couple of units to my 'good guys' Oldhammer collection...

  9. Wonderful brushwork sir. Enough to make me want to paint a unit or three!

  10. These look particularly interesting for the upcoming Dragon Rampant. Trying to translate the modern Warhammer Dwarfs into Lion Rampant doesn't work particularly well. You get Crossbowmen and Men-at-arms.


  11. hi everyone,

    Blue thank you for this wonderful article and this fantastic painting !!!

    and thank you all for your interest and your compliments on my project


  12. The sculpts are nice Blue, don't get me wrong but it's the paintjob that has made the excellent.
    It's nice to see dwarves without feathers and Tilley hats, these are actually a bit menacing. See if you can persuade him to work on some warmachine crew if not the engines themselves.

  13. I never liked too much the dwarves (but I LOVE third edition Chaos Dwarves), but these "bretonnian" dwarves are really nice (and well painted too ;) )

  14. Lovely dwarfs. I like the color scheme that reminds me of Wayne England´s dwarfs back in the day. Made me collect an army that I regrettably sold later... Just must resist collecting them again but those bood dwarfs are brilliant !