Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never leave a man behind!

As I mentioned on my recent post about the Retained Knights from Alternate Armies I used to have a fairly sizable force of RT space marines....I got them way back in the foggy times of the late 80s.

Ah those were the days....I remember putting together an order with some friends when the US mail order arm if GW was selling off over stock...for about $40 we got more than a hundred metal 40 k figures.  They weren't packaged or anything...just loose in a box.  Anyway my share was several squads if marines.

Sadly I made the stupid decision to sell these on more than a year ago when I had no interest in RT and needed the money for other shiny bits...sigh 

So today I'm digging thru some boxes and came across the one left behind...and one of the few I ever painted...

I guess the rest if the squad didn't feel that going back for the gene seed of novice Smyth was worth the risk...

Everyone told him to wear a helmet!  Damn noob wouldn't listen...




  1. I love the two marine casualty models from the old range. Mine have both been sitting prepped for painting for about two years now (typical). They'd make great objective markers.

  2. That's about my standard now! A classic model and I can't wait to see what you do with your sci fi stuff.

  3. That sounds like a great deal - but I suppose easy come, easy go!

    I have this chap lying at the feet of my Genestealer patriarch - definitely not a good idea going back for his gene seed!