Monday, September 23, 2013

Bret Knight update 1

Howdy all,

I just wanted to post a couple of WIP pictures of the unit of Brettonian knights that I've had sitting on my desk for many weeks.  I've been having trouble deciding what colors I should use on them and how involved I wanted the heraldry to be.  In the end I opted to go for fairly basic designs using all the colors that were employed in my other units.  This will give the whole force a bit of coherency but still allow the knights to stand out a bit from the peasant rabble.

As you will recall with the other units of this army I used a Dark Green and a Dark Blue as the unifying colors...and then each unit had a tertiary color to make them unique.  So added to the blue and the green are: gray, salmon orange, brick red, golden yellow and to brighten things up I will also employ some white. 

So this weekend I managed to get the base colors on all the knights (except the general)...just breaking the inertia and getting moving on these feels really good and I think they will look very nice in a big unit.

Here is where I am at this point




  1. Looking good Blue, I really like the way you Knights ride sticks.. not like those commoners whih ride horses! Oh no!

  2. Nice colour choices Blue - should both fit in and stand out from the rabble very nicely!

  3. Great choice of colours. Looking forward to seeing them finished.

  4. Nice to see you put some paint on those old knights.
    I really hope to see them finished for the october challenge !