Monday, July 1, 2013

PhotoBucket Sucks...and More Brets you have probably noticed all my pictures have disappeared...I have apparently exceeded my bandwidth limit with Photobucket....this has never happened before.  They should be back in order on the 3rd or 4th when my monthly limit is renewed.

So sorry for the technical difficulties but everything should be back in order soon.

Here is what I've been working on....another group of Bretonnians...this time Halberds.




  1. Hmm... So... why aren't You using blogspot own hosting service?

  2. Well I will in the future...I had no idea this was a potential problem. So from here on I will...which is why you can actually see this picture.

  3. Actually I think blogspot has really decent service regarding hosting images. Don't worry with space limit too - it is generous for average blogs and it is expanded once you will reach it too:)

  4. Dang. Every time I see your Brets I want some ;-)

  5. They look great. I really do like these models and I have found a few other similar armed troops from Front Rank that I want to pair up with.