Monday, June 24, 2013

Remeber the Alamo...Again....Still

So I know I may be beating a dead horse here but while I had a camera out for the other shots this week also took some individual shots of the Alamo figures that I used for the LPL Round 5 entry...both the Mexicans and the Defenders....and since I love these figures so much I wanted to post the pictures up for you to enjoys as well.

Lets start with the Mexican soldiers...who haven't been seen with their completed bases up to this point.

And here are the four Casualty Markers

All Really fantastic figures with a lot going for each sculpt....I see more of these in my future.

Even though I've shown them twice already here are some new individual shots of the Alamo Defenders as well

well there they are....Some of Boot Hill Miniatures finest!




  1. great looking miniatures and paint jobs to match, I can feel shinyitus attacking my wallet.
    Peace James

  2. Looks like you ran out of photobucket bandwidth, lol! Otherwise, I assume the paintjobs are great.