Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh What a week its been!!!

This week has seen me in a collecting frenzy!  A number of things that I have been keeping my eyes peeled for have all become available...naturally they appeared all at the same time!  While I didn't get an "amazing" deal on any of these pieses/figures I got them all for a fair price...and thats all I can expect.

First off a couple of pieces from the Marauder Orc and Goblin Range.  I've been lusting after this Stone thrower (MM28) for a long time now and thanks to a chap on CCM I now have one in hand:

A Gentleman that I am doing some painting for...or will be soon...was able to supply 2 other classics from this range...the Orc Battle Chariot (MB6):

Additionally he sent along a copy of the Orc War Wyvren (MB8):

Which is very cool...But what makes it extra special is the its the version with the Shaman!

As if that Wasn't good enough for one week...A fellow over on the Warhammer Forum listed an amazing collection of Vintage Marauder Figures including an insane amount of Dark Elves....and of more interest to me...complete copies of the Chaos Thug Regiment (MB10)...

And the Chaos Beastmen Regiment (MB9): was a good week for my collecting bug...but a bad week for my paypal acct!  And the Lead Mountain continues to Grow!

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  1. Some interesting miniatures you got there, Chris. Seems like you'll be kept busy all winter :-D
    Will be looking forward seeing your painted versions of these gems. Cheers, Carsten