Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Marauder Dwarf Handgunners

For the July painting contest over at Bugman's Brewery the subject was "A Squad of Rank and File"...this means a small unit of 5 figures which may include a Champion.  I chose to paint up a group of Marauder Dwarf handgunners...some of my all-time favorite sculpts.  At the request of several members on that forum I also Posted WIP pictures showing some of the stages of my painting process....I thought these would be good to share here as well.

Here is a picture of the Primed Models:
here are the figures with their base colors can see that I start quite dark:
Here is a mid process shot:
This picture shows the models needing just their final highlights:
This Shots shows the painting finished...just the bases left to complete:

And here are the final Completed models...ready for the table!

Now I only have 25 more of these to do!   **sigh**


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