Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Marauder Empire Command

One of my most prized set of figures are the Marauder MM61 Fighter Command.

To my eye these are some of the best Puff and Slash figures ever made.  For the August Painting Contest over at Warhammer-Empire the subject was command group...I knew the day had come to get paint on these.  I started off with the idea of getting all five painted...but time constraints whittled that down to four...and a couple of flubs on one model left me with and entry of three...but I'm quite happy with their paint jobs.

I am less happy with the banner.  I worked off the idea of the one pictured above...but it came out a little rough...Banners are one of my many challenges in figure painting.  Plus the photography seems to have flattened the standard out even though it has much more shape to it when seen in real life. It may have to be replaced in the future.



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