Monday, March 30, 2020

Marauder Wolf Boyz...Part Duex! 4th ed models WIP

Welcome fellow social distancers!!

As my family settles into the new reality of working at home while attempting to home school two young children I've been finding that my painting time, though somewhat more restricted, has become all the more precious.  When I put on my headphones and some good music and have the chance to sit down and paint...that is my chance to escape from the stress of what has become the new "Norm."

So...I've been moving ahead with my second set of Wolf Riders...this time the 4th edition Marauder Wolf riders. While these models are technically outside of my normal definition of "Oldhammer" I've always appreciated the sculpts and decided to build a unit of them for my army.  While I like the rider sculpts I really detest the plastic wolves that these guys were originally supplied with.  In an effort to rid myself of those plastic abominations and "Oldhammer-up" these Middlehammer models I've decided to mount my unit on older Citadel metal wolves...specifically the ones from the Goblin War Chariots.  These are larger than the standard wolves supplied with the 3rd edition citadel Goblin Wolf Riders (which I will be painting after these) but fit well with these slightly larger riders...have a look.

This range contains 16 total unique models and I am currently working on one of each of these 16 figures.  Here is the catalog picture showing all the figures.

And here is where I am with the figures at the moment.  These are still WIP but are coming along quickly now.  I will present them in the same groupings as in the catalog.

Command section

Hand Weapons


...and Spears.

 Next time I hope to showing the finished riders!!!




  1. Really love seeing what you're doing with these! I used to have a regiment of 16 in my childhood Orc and Goblin army – I loved how quick the wolves were to paint and what a big chonk off the battlefield they took up. The one with the sword poking out his tongue is my favourite – do you have a favourite yet?

    1. Thanks Curis!! He is one of my favorites as well! I am also fond of the archer on the far right with his blade out...his face is quite unique. Oddly the the two character models are my least favorite ones of the bunch. both seem very awkward to me.

  2. Looking forward to seeing these get the Blue treatment - I have pretty much this bunch in a box somewhere just waiting to be reunited with their little lost pups... please donate generously ;)

  3. This is amazing! Lovely to see the metal wolves as well, metal always comes first :)

  4. These are some great models. Well done!