Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Imperial Army of Salsburg, Dwarf Corps, Hand Gunners

Hi all,

Next up from the Dwarf Corps are the renowned Dwarf Hand Gunners of the Imperial Army.  These troops are drawn from across social spectrum of Salsburg with a mix of troops from the city itself as well as the surrounding areas.

The Dwarf hand gunners are equipped with the absolute best weapons that dwarven ingenuity can create.  While their human counterparts are still relying on matchlock arquebuses as the main firearm, the majority of the dwarf corps hand gunners are using either flintlock or wheel lock firearms, both of which are much more reliable than the matchlock.

These troops form a powerful team when used in conjunction with the pike blocks.  They can provide those pikes with a ranged offensive capability while the pikes keep the hand gunners safe from cavalry.

here they are:

...and here is a separate shot of the back rankers.

Here they are shown deployed as a unit of 18 with a leader and standard.  I have six additional troopers painted so I am able to field an even larger unit if wanted...or as two smaller units (though I need another command model for that).

This unit is composed entirely of Marauder figures...most of which can be seem here on this 1994 catalog page

However, the Command figures from this unit come from the MM11 Dwarf Command Group pack

And a couple of the back rankers are from the illustrious MM15/2 Dwarf Warriors range, (Dwarf with Arquebus).  This is one of my absolute favorite miniatures and one that I have wwwwaaayyy too many copies of!

Well between the xbows I discussed last time and the hand gunners this time...I think we have covered all of the missile we will move onto the Pikes!

Cheers for now!



  1. So jelly Dustin gets to fight these this weekend!

    1. It should be fun! many pictures will be taken!

    2. Just imagine the goblin fanatics swinging their way through the cloud of dwarven powder smoke. Glorious!

  2. These are just awesome man! Another fine entry to arguably the greatest dwarf army out there!

    1. ah shucks! thanks bud. Plenty more to come. I have a few odds and ends (shields) etc to finish up for a couple of the units but the end is nigh!

  3. Stunning work, as always. Probably the best dwarf army I've ever seen.

  4. A fantastic unit of Thunderers! Great work. I love those Marauder Miniatures dwarves.

  5. Great work, very inspiring. I like how you did the relatively pale skin of your dwarves and the bases. This way they have a rather clear appearance. Thx, Ernst